Designs tailored to your needs

In a world where selection is becoming more commonplace we welcome the trend. More importantly we’re doing something about it that increases our value to you. Now you have 4 options when you deal with AVM:

  1. We can build to your design and requirements on your land.
  2. We can design your premises and build on your land.
  3. We can find the land, then design and build your premises for you to buy as a complete package.
  4. You can choose the site that you want to build on. We then buy the site and design and build your premises. As mentioned earlier, we can organise a lease or leaseback deal that suites your budget.

As we said, rising to the challenge, keeping versitile and offering you the best quality in design and construction is what keeps us in business and gives you the best finished product. To do anything less is just not worth it. For all the information you need to start the ball rolling, call us now on 02 9756 4099 We’d like to find out what we can do for you.

How our skill base gives you an advantage

We don’t mind saying it (because we do go to great lengths to find them), but we believe we have the best tradesmen and sub contractors in the business. The quality and style of our work speaks for itself. The benefits of having an energetic and highly skilled team of professionals cannot be measured. It is the essence of of everything we do. They enjoy the standards that are set and the satisfaction that comes from great achievements. And of course, it’s what we hope will give you confidence in us not only now … but in the future too.

Challenges are our Forte

At AVM we spend a lot of time and money in looking after our clients. We’ve always believed that it’s and investment in our future. We’re also eager to expand our client base and offer our experience to an even wider range of commercial and industrial projects … that is the challenge. We have a philosophy that no project is too difficult. But no matter what we take serious measures to make sure your project is completed on time (and within budget). In fact not one of our projects has ever gone over time. What that means to you is, you won’t be given excuses or ‘over’ optimistic finish dates just to get your business. We plan your project properly from the start.

What we can do for you

  • Design & Construction
  • Project Management
  • Reconstruction
  • Extensions
  • Refurbishment
  • Development

Our versatility gives you more room to move

AVM has a wide range of experience in the Commercial / Industrial construction field, and that experience translates into peace of mind for you. From innovative design and building of new developments to refurbishment and reconstruction of older ones. It’s our versatility that makes a real difference to your needs.

The management at AVM are always looking for new challenges and are willing to take on unusual or difficult projects that require us to go the extra mile. Could we do the same for your project?

The AVM Vision

We understand the many requirements of industrial building (it’s what we do best). So before we do anything, we get perfectly clear on your requirements. Because without understanding your needs … the quality that we’re renowned for would be impossible. The commercial prospects for any investor are high in Sydney (and in particular Sydney’s West). We get excited about the possibilities for creating better industrial constructions and when it comes to yours … we hope that you will too. We look forward to developing solutions with you that make your project not only a design you’ll be proud of but … a sound investment too.